- Isshin – Ryu Karate / Shodan
1st Degree (Instructor Allen Wheeler)
- Tae Kwan Do / Nidan
2nd Degree (Instructor Mike Sanders)
- Okinawan Karate / Kenpo Kobudo Weapons Nidan
2nd Degree (Instructor Seichi Odo and Instructor Bruce Heilman)
- Shuri Ryu Okinawan Karate / Sandan
3rd Degree (Instructor Robert Trias, Instructor Ridgely Abele and Instructor Charles Matthews)
- Hakko Ryu Ju Jitsu / Yondan
4th Degree (Instructor Lemuel Stroud and Instructor Dennis Palumbo)
- Tracy Kenpo / Shichidan
7th Degree (Instructor Al Tracy)

RENSHI GARRISON HALL  Renshi Garrison K. Hall is from Spartanburg, South Carolina. He has been in the martial arts industry for almost forty-five years (1967.)  During these years, Renshi Hall  has also helped pave the roads of thousands of school children, teaching  science to several generations.. During this span, he has been given the honor of National Teacher of the Year and several other Teacher of the Year awards.   Renshi Hall is a very humble man.  He does not want accolades and is not attempting to collect titles and ranks. He simply wants to better his knowledge base (which seems unlimited) for his students. His ranks come from some of the most respected instructors in the martial arts industry. He has been inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame by Al Tracy, also into the Universal Martial Arts International Hall of Fame. In addition,  he has certifications in Shiatsu (pressure point therapy) from Dennis Palumbo and certifications in cardio aerobics kick boxing. 

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Strengthening Body and Mind for Nearly Two Decades